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  1. Your article was especially meaningful to me, since I’ve been retired for five years. It was truly a gift to those of us who haven’t had access to your newspaper column. Congratulations on your retirement, I know you’ll have “many fun,” and we look forward to reading more of your musings.
    Bob Marks

  2. Furman,

    Great to see you embrace the new technology. I’m from Manchester, grew up reading your stuff and am now working for Jeff D’Alessio at Sporting News.

    Keep it up.

  3. Furman,

    Thanks for all the wonderful columns over the years. I would always read your column before reading any of the other parts of the paper. You bring great insight into the world of sports. I hope you truly enjoy your retirement and know that you will be truly missed.


  4. MR.BISHER As a atlanta native at 52 years old ,i grew up reading your articles about atlanta sports,when the paper said covering dixie like the dew.i would like to thank you for the look at professional sports and college sports,and in general sports. I used to look forward to getting a paper ,going to the sports and then on to grizzard then back to sports.THANK YOU MR.BISHER. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE A PART OF GEORGIA SPORTS. SINCERELY R.BETTIS

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