Posted by: furmanbisher | December 15, 2011

Santa’s Bag of Bits

These are a few things you may register on your mind in between Christmas shopping missions.

—–The prolonged salutations in the passing of Larry Munson, “Voice of the Georgia Bulldogs,” reminds me of an old headline writer for the New York Daily News on the death of John Garfield, the actor found dead in his girlfriend’s bed. After days of one story after another referring to the actor’s career and his affairs, that wearying old editor headlined another story: “John Garfield Still Dead.”

—–Don’t know if you realized this, but when Gary Stoken, the match-maker, got Georgia to play Boise State in the season opener in the Georgia Dome, he had to sweeten the pot: $1.7 million to Georgia, $1.4 million to Boise State, and University of Louisville $500,000. Why Louisville? Because UL had to give up the date it had with Georgia. Do you suppose the matchup really covered all those pay-outs?

—–Through all the charges leveled at Jerry Sandusky, the embattled former line coach at Penn State, there were six males sons living in his home, most of them adopted, I’ve read. There’s something strangely amiss in this story—a man with six sons allegedly fouling the lives of other young males in around the Penn State athletics department? Just a puzzling situation that runs through my addled mind.

——What puzzles me about Tiger Woods and his Chevron Challenge is that this “silly season” tournament is allowed to be included in the World Golf Rankings. And did you notice that the day after the latest event, the Chevron corporation announced it was withdrawing its sponsorship?

—–Don’t know if you saw this response from Stewart Cink, when someone questioned him about Tiger Woods’ state of affairs recently: “I don’t know him now,” he said. Wonder if that doesn’t speak for several of his Tour contemporaries?

—–Most of you are too young to remember the day when no contact was allowed between coaches on the sideline and the players on the field. But it was true in times of the leather helmets and strapped-on hip pads. Helmets today are equipped with receivers for sideline messages. What happens if the wireless fails for whatever reason? In Paul Johnson’s case, he delivers the play into the ear of a substitute, then whisks him onto the field.

—–Then down through the chimney came ol’ Saint Nick, with a heigh-heigh-heigh and a ho-ho-ho! Yes, I’m working towards ho-ho-ing through almost a century’s worth of Christmases….who would have ever thought?



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