Posted by: furmanbisher | November 6, 2011

This ‘n That

—-Tis true, that while Bill Haas was checking in the Scorer’s Tent after the closing round of the Tour Championship, affirming his official card—and being unfamiliar with just how the whole thing came to rest, he asked one of the officials, “By the way, who won the FedEx Cup?”
Honestly, he had no idea how it worked out.
“Why, you did, Bill?”
“Me?” he said, actually startled. “You mean, I won the ten million dollars?”
Amazing, that there are young athletes out there to whom money isn’t everything.

—-You may, or may not hark back to the day that the Braves traded Jordan Schafer (and other baggage) to Houston for Michael Bourn that in my hasty conclusion, I wrote: “Ye gods, that was a bad deal.”
Boy, was I wrong! When the season wound down, Michael led the National League in stolen bases, and was among league leaders in hits, runs, triples, scoring and had given the Braves a kind of lead-off threat they hadn’t had in ages. Sorry, Michael, and I blush.

—As I understand it, Derek Lowe had developed an attention disorder during the season, and I guess there had to be something out of line. Surely it didn’t happen all of a sudden. Looking back, you may have forgotten that he won 15 and 16 games his first two season with the Braves. Then the bottom dropped out, and he closed out his stop here pitching like a man in a daze. Now just what are the Braves are going do about the last $15-million salary he has left on their plate. Bad for indigestion.

—Amazing that Dan Uggla got through those first two barren months of the season with being swallowed up in a flood of boos. But he did, and our compliments to the Braves fans who showed such golden patience.

—Some failed investments that didn’t fare so well:
Carl Crawford of the Red Sox, a $115-million bust; Jason Werth of the National, $75-million flop, and there are more, but let’s move on.

—Don’t know just how Tiger Woods’ career as a golf course designer is working out. I do know that the huge project in Dubai has collapsed, and I haven’t heard just what happened to the project called The Cliffs in the Carolinas to which his name was attached before the her fell. Nor just how his old pal-ship with Mark O’Meara has held up through it all—if at all.

—Time out! And sleep well…..Selah.



  1. With Thanksgiving approaching and Furman Bisher just having celebrated his 93rd birthday in early November, I am inspired to write this piece in honor of him.

    I’m Thankful
    By Chuck Jones

    I’m Thankful that one of the biggest benefits of my learning to read was that Furman Bisher was already in place as the premiere sportswriter of my generation.

    I’m Thankful for the home delivery of newspapers, which allowed me to run get it from the driveway every afternoon and then always turn first to Bisher’s column.

    I’m Thankful that Bisher, after having been established as my idol because I once aspired to become a sportswriter, never disappointed me with scandal, dirty linen, or disparagement. Today’s writers seem to have a hard time leaving the house without bringing home some such embarrassment.

    I’m Thankful that Bisher wrote mostly about baseball, football, and golf—–the only 3 sports I care about—–and thus gave me a wealth of information and insight I would have never gotten otherwise.

    I’m Thankful that when Bisher wrote about the Braves’ first pennant in 1969, he cautioned us to enjoy it now because future titles might be few and far between. Boy, was he ever right!

    I’m Thankful that when Bisher wrote about my favorite golf tournament of all time, the 1986 Masters, he did it with such imagery that you just knew you were there. Besides detailing Nicklaus’s heroics, Bisher described the scene as the crowd’s roars being of such magnitude that they emptied the trees of all wildlife. Is that great writing or what?

    I’m Thankful that Bisher’s heroes were the same as mine—Lombardi, Aaron, Nicklaus, Bobby Jones—-all men of supreme character as well as athletic endowment.

    I’m Thankful that Bisher could endure tremendous personal grief in the loss of his eldest son, and show us how it’s done with dignity and grace.

    I’m Thankful for the afternoon Bisher invited me into his home to interview him for a profile piece I was writing for a local magazine published on St. Simons Island. The way he treated me with respect and kindness along with 4 hours of stories about such legends as Shoeless Joe Jackson and Bobby Jones, made that afternoon one of the genuine highlights of my entire life.

    And finally, I’m Thankful that Bisher has made every one of my 53 Thanksgivings since learning to read, an extra special holiday because I would wait all year for his “Thankful” column on Thanksgiving morning, where he would divulge his innermost feelings and give thanks in his most humble way.

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