Posted by: furmanbisher | July 31, 2011

Observations & Opinions

…….This Georgia Tech crash began with an agent turned down by Morgan Burnett and out for revenge, and it could have been stopped there. No $312 gift of clothes, or whatever it may have been, should ever have been allowed  to inflict such a penalty. Georgia Tech’s attorney could have seen to that instead, when Dan Radakovich called Paul Johnson in and demanded institutional silence. It should have stopped there. But Johnson’s a mountain man, and mountain men don’t deal well with their honor at stake, and this was an attack on him, as he saw it. The penalty, though, far exceeds the alleged crime, and it appears to be an NCAA case of pure vengeance against a program that has a reputation for operating above aboard. As for Burnett, he was clean, no charge. In other words, the whole thing could have stopped at Radakovich’s desk.

…….Too bad that Louis Oosthuizen’s visit to the John Deere Classic didn’t work out as glowingly as it might have. Oousthuizen didn’t make the cut in the tournament, but he did get to visit the factory where his farm equipment is made; the host company failed to harvest any publicity from it. And Louie’s game hasn’t been the same since.

…….If you’ve got a bead on the trade gossip about Derek Lowe, you’re a few beads  ahead of me. He’s sharpened up a bit lately, and it’s true that he hits the stretch of September in good form. Then why put him on the block? In the first place, where is there a team willing to handle the $20-million bucks left on his Braves’ contract at his age? That’s a lot for a six-inning pitcher in this day, when it seems the complete game seems to be coming back in style.

…….What I like most about what athletes having been saying these days, is what Rory McIlroy replied when asked about his fourth-round collapse at the Masters: “If this is the worst day of my life, I’ll be luckier than most people.”

…….The interview form that bothers me the worst is when they ask the question that is not a question at all. It’s when the interviewer just says: “Talk to me about that.”

……I keep wondering just how much more mileage the Braves can get out of their bullpen crew. The middle relievers are already beginning to show wear and tear, especially Scott Proctor, and I never fail to be concerned when Fredi Gonzalez puts in another call for JonnyVenters.  And just how many more “closes” he can get out of Craig Kimbrel? After all, he’s just a kid, and I wonder if there are just a certain number left in his arm.

……My comeback star of the year: Davis Love III, all three of him……

……Baseball name of the year: Homer Bailey, Cincinnati Reds righthander. Nothing like a baseball payer named Homer, especially a pitcher.




  1. Even as a UGA fan I can`t justify the NCAA`s action against GT. That is way overboard and once again shows the need for the NCAA to be reigned in and a new purpose given for that organization. The NCAA is ruining teams and coaching careers over virtually nothing.

  2. Furman—-Great explanation of how Georgia Tech’s penalty went down. First time I have heard from anyone the true details. I still think the NCAA was so embarrased about the Ohio State scandal that they are over-reacting on everyone else, and Georgia Tech was unfortunately in the way.

    I’m afraid that Oousthuizen is destined to be another Bill Rogers—-win one British Open and then never heard from again.

    Agree with you about Lowe. There was nobody out there worth dealing for with his value, and you can never go into the playoffs with too much pitching.

    Rory McIlroy at his young age seems to have a handle on life and maturity that Tiger will never attain, whatever old age he lives to be.

    You struck a nerve with me when you mentioned the ‘tell me about that’ form of interview. Not only do I dislike it with athletes’ interviews, but when I was a police officer, it drove me crazy when in court the D.A. would do the same. I never knew which way he wanted me to go, and it’s his job to present the questions in a way to gather the answers he wants, the same as a good reporter should do.

    Davis Love’s comeback will extend into next year, particularly should he be able to rally his troops and defeat the Euros in the Ryder Cup.

    This last posting of yours was always my favorite when you were writing your column, where you cover multiple events and personalities. The only thing missing is the ‘For What It’s Worth’ at the beginning. I would love to see one of these each month from you. Somehow, a sports story isn’t complete until I hear your take on it.

  3. I hope you’re right about the complete game coming back into style.

  4. Really enjoyed your commentary on the PGA championship. Nice to finally have an american winner! Now if we can only get the LPGA to offer up some Americans so i don’t have to stumble over asian names.

    Glad to see you are still plugging away, Furman. Keep em coming!


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