Posted by: furmanbisher | July 24, 2011

Bits ‘n Pieces

——Ah, Atlanta, sporting capital of the South, or, where hockey franchises go to die?!

——Now, you as well as I, have been reading that no major league second baseman has ever had five break-in major league seasons such as Dan Uggla’s, and you can confirm that , if you’ll check the Baseball Encyclopedia. Not even the great Rogers Hornsby, or Frankie Frisch. On the other hand, never has one followed up five such seasons with one so miserable as Uggla’s sixth.

——Fredi Gonzalez had Uggla four straight years during his managerial run in Florida, but never have I seen him get through anything like this, or even close.

——Hm-m-m-m, wonder if the Braves have given any thought to opening their own bus line between Coolray Field and Turner Field? Direct service, from bullpen to bullpen.

——Not to take anything away from Seve Ballesteros, but it was Jack Nicklaus who led the way toward including the European nations in the Ryder Cup competition. It took place after the US-GBI matches at Royal Lytham and St. Anne’s in 1977, when Nicklaus made the approach to the Great Britain and Ireland body and won instant acceptance. First expanded competition took place at Greenbrier in 1979.

——I’ll start believing beards are in among our golfing heroes when Phil Mickelson grows one. And it doesn’t have to be one of those moonshine “bushes” like Lucas Glover’s.

——John Smoltz says he got ahead of himself on his way to a golf career, mainly in reference to his debut in the Valdosta Nationwide tournament, played over the longest course on that tour. He has backed off since, came close to qualifying for the U.S. Open and is tuning up his game to competition standards.

—— Headline association: “Ex-Falcons’ Cousin Jailed,” “Ex-Falcons Cheerleader Arrested,” read the headlines. Tell me, what have the Falcons to do with all this, and would it have been news if they had been former truck drivers or bar hops?

——Ye gods, what has become of golf on the American tour? Last time I looked, highest ranked PGA Tour member in the world was Phil Mickelson  at No. 7. And did you notice that the winning score in the Byron Nelson Tournament was three under par. Three under! And that was the score of a Tour rookie earning his first check.

—–One item not  to escape your attention: In the passing of George Broadnax, a Georgia Tech star of the ’40s.  We missed the fact that he was an end on Grantland Rice’s All-American team in 1947.




  1. I`ve missed you Mr. Bisher, where have you been hiding? My son the wanna-be sports writer has been given instruction from his dear old Dad to read the classic old sports writers if he wants to see how the masters didi it back in the day. He responded that today`s reader won`t take the time to read an article the length that you used to post, everybody wants snippets instead of meat. I am now ready for God to take me from this heathen place. As for you , sir, keep writing because we`re still listening.

  2. This blog omits the most important Atlanta sports news of the week, which is the attempt of a 2-year-old Langfuhr colt owned by Dogwood Stable and trained by Neil Howard to break his maiden this Saturday at Saratoga. Unlike his North Carolina-bred namesake, the aforementioned colt was bred in Maryland. But I sincerely hope he’ll be able to carry 118 pounds, including Edgar Prado, to victory in Saturday’s sixth race. The colt’s name? Furman Bisher!

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