Posted by: furmanbisher | April 16, 2011

My Two Cents & Then Some

****Now that I’ve survived the Masters once again, let me drop in for a short visit…..and are you getting used to the startling fact that for the first time since there were four Majors in world golf, that none of the champions is American?

Masters: Charl Schwartzel of South Africa

US Open: Graeme McDowell of Northern Ireland

British Open: Louis Oosthuizen of South Africa

U.S.  PGA Championship: Martin Kaymer of Germany (Strange, Kaymer doesn’t make the cut at Augusta, but doesn’t lose his place as No, l in World Rank. Something’s wrong with that kind of system).

****Heard the news? Bill Clinton will be heading the Bob Hope Classic, he and his foundation joining up with the Humana Corporation from Kentucky.  Now we’ll see if the dawdling Hope event can be saved by another president—who has a reputation for cheating on the course. Hope was funny, Clinton is not, but I’d guess that he’s the only hope (no pun intended) available. Now, if they get back to four-round play and limit the number of amateurs, we’ll see if it really works.

****Wanna be on television? Davis Love is looking for extras—you know, people who stand around and provide background—for a commercial being shot at St. Simons Island in behalf of The McGladrey Classic coming up at Sea Island in October. Got off to a smooth start last year, won by Heath Slocum, our neighbor at Alpharetta.

****Does it strike you that Paul Johnson has run into a recruiting depression at Georgia Tech? There are few high school teams—if any—that run his option offense. For that matter, there are few that have even the ability to handle it, thus reducing the number of prospects to be recruited, not to mention the fact that his offense may scare a bunch of them away. On the other hand, it seems he was able to supply the demand at Georgia Southern and Navy. (And maybe I’m just groping for excuses. Sorry.)

****Years ago I used to write a column that included an item known as “Name of the Week.” Well, I have finally come across the “Name of Forever”—playing in the Malaysian Open on the European Tour. His name: Alphibarnrat, pronounced just as spelled…

………….Carry on!



  1. Mr. Bisher,
    I wonder how Bobby Jones would feel about all the majors being held by international players?
    Something tells me he wouldn’t mind.
    Also, please never stop writing. We are still out here, and enjoying every word.

  2. Keep ’em coming, Mr. Bisher. You’re a treasure.


  3. Furman—-I love these columns where you drop in on a multitude of events. Reminds me of the old Journal columns that started out “For What’s It’s Worth.” I still prefer, by a large margin, your take on things than any of the writers left at AJC.
    I think the new Tiger-less dominated tour will give us more of the same of the international players winning at a consistent rate. I think the real story at The Masters wasn’t that Tiger appeared on the leaderboard with a furious Sunday charge, but that the other players no longer backed off at the mere sight of his name at the top, or at the tremendous cheers from his gallery.
    If you watch the tour now, you can see that Davis has already shot some commercials on St. Simons—-this time for his new Bridgestone contract. As a St. Simons resident, what bothers me the most about the tour telecasts is that everyone identifies the pros that live and play on St. Simons exclusively, as living and playing on Sea Island. It’s almost like they have gotten a mandate that says they must mis-identify the islands, or face censure.

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