Posted by: furmanbisher | March 6, 2011

More Bits ‘n Pieces

—-What the American golf public can’t seem to grasp is why the European Ryder Cup team constantly dominates Our Side. For one thing, the Europeans bond more effectively than the Americans, most of whom usually walking self-corporations. Europeans travel like teams most of the time from tournament to tournament. But, to complicate that train of thought, check the recent trend of European Tour players domination. Graeme McDowell wins the U.S. Open, Louis Ousthuizen wins the British  Open, Martin Kaymer wins the U.S. PGA Championship, then the World Match Play Championship. And is now ranked the No. l Player in the World. Any further questions?

—-Tell you what, I want to see more of this Braves rookie, Brandon Beachy. He’s a kid a scout named Gene Kerns happened to spy in a mountain amateur league in Virginia, a well-rounded, honorable son of Kokomo, Indiana. When the Braves ran into a pitching crisis during playoffs against the Phillies last fall, on whom do they call? Brandon Beachy. He didn’t win, but he kept the Braves in contention as a starter in two games, and if I had my way, he’d be one of my starters this season. But, that’s Fredi Gonzales’ call.

—-How, and why is it that Cliff Lee gets passed around like a sick cat? Let’s see, he started out with Cleveland, gets traded to the Phillies, then to Seattle, then to Texas, and wins a World Series start against San Francisco. Then, as a free agent again, he decides to make his bed with the team that sentenced him to Seattle—the Phillies. Something wrong in Texas, Cliff?

—-It was put to him in a straightforward question: “Who’s the best hitting coach you’ve seen since you’ve been in the majors?” I asked Chipper Jones. He pondered. (Terry  Pendleton, then the Braves’ hitting coach was standing just a few feet away.) Chipper didn’t ponder long. “Don Baylor,” he said. Baylor spent a season with the Braves, then left to become manager of the Cubs.

—-It’ll never happen, but ye gods, I’d love to see Bobby Cremins coaching the Georgia Tech basketball team one more time. Don’t know why he ever left? It wasn’t his choice. He was a victim of Wayne Clough, before Clough left the Tech presidency to become a secretary at the Smithsonian Institution. And Cremins, he goes on winning championships at College of Charleston. Coach of the Year again in the Southern conference.

—-There’s a vast difference between making noise and cheering—so why in the name of P.T. Barnum do colleges allow their public address critters to flash a sign across the screen that says: “Make Noise! Make Noise!” How repugnant!



  1. Couldn’t agree more about Bobby Cremins……seeing him again with the Yellow Jackets at Alexander Memorial (or whatever they are going to call the new place) would be great. Looks like young Brave Beachy and Mike Minor will take it down to the wire as to who will be the Braves 5th starter. Good things so far.
    Your earlier comments about Chuck Tanner brought back other memories…. Though I was just a little shaver back then, seem to recall that Tanner played several years with Bob Montag (winner of a Purple Heart and Bronze Star) at old Poncey Park. Is it true that the old Magnolia tree still stands today on that now commercialized piece of Crakerland real estate ?
    A couple of quick questions, please sir. In all your years of interviewing sports greats (and not-so-greats) ….who was the toughest interview ? Who was the most delightful ?
    Many thanks,
    Greg Hodges
    Richmond, VA.

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