Posted by: furmanbisher | February 20, 2011

A Triple/Double

***Just a bit of home-cooking here: My little hometown in Denton, North Carolina rarely ever breaks into the news. But it came out in a gusher the other day when the story crashed television in the Piedmont of two basketball multiples. South Davidson is the local high school, and it turns out that Denton has developed some kind of basketball show-stopper. Headliner is that three members of the girls’ basketball team are triplets! Yes, takes three to make triplets, and their names are Larsen, Madison and Hunter Sigmon—and I will tell you this, that all three are beauties. And they are 15 years old.

Second multiple (no pun intended): Twins. The boys are back court players on the freshman team—Austin and Taylor Hatfield, aged 16. Taylor is the team’s leading scorer, with 19.l points per game. Naturally, when news of this got around, television stations from the nearby municipalities converged on Denton, but none of the five has yet to develop an exaggerated self-opinion. Stay tuned—we’ll keep you in touch.

***Some Florida newspapers have become engrossed in harking back to Dale Earnhardt’s crashing death at Daytona Beach ten years ago. Not one pebble has been left unturned—except this: That he brought it on himself trying to block out a racer that was about to take out one of his team. It was plainly caught on television and he became his own victim. Yes, he was a great driver, but there has been only one “King” and that’s Richard Petty, properly revered as such.

***If I must confess, I never thought I’d ever see D.A. Points winning an old classic championship like the AT&T—the “Crosby” to the elder generation. D.A. had hacked around on the Nationwide Tour since 2000, in and out until he finally made his nest on the PGA Tour in 2009. He didn’t just win the Cros….er, the AT&T, but he was saddled with a load of Bill Murray as his amateur partner—and a load that Murray was. His humor was out-of-place on the Sunday round, when Points was trying to nail it down.

By the way, D.A. stands for Darren Andrew, and he comes from Pekin, Illinois. Now lives in Ocoee, Florida, just outside Orlando, once a citrus producing town.

***Don’t know that I’ve touched on the matter yet, but the Steelers’ “Terrible Towel” barrage actually is a steal from the Pirates. It came into being with the late broadcaster-writer Myron Cope when the Pirates were rollicking along victoriously. Not certain of the year, but Myron came to the park one day with his dirty little rag, and that started a rage that carried over to the Steelers. Myron passed on a few years ago, but the ‘Terrible Towel” act rages on. One of its offspring is the Braves’ “Tomahawk Chop,” surviving still after all these years—and still only one World Series championship…..

….Selah and bye-bye.


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