Posted by: furmanbisher | November 21, 2010


*****Georgia booking another date with Boise State? They did this before, in 2005. Boise State, then just growing hair on its chest, came to Athens and the Bulldogs blew them out of town, 45-13. Remember now, this was at a time when Boise State was only one of those soft early season victims padding its budget. This time it’s different. Boise State comes to town blowing smoke.

*****I like the two major league Managers of the Year, Bud Black and Ron Gardenhire — but the recognition is wrongly given. The managers of the year are Bruce Bochy and Ron Washington. Neither the Giants nor the Rangers were a preseason pennant favorite, and these two guys put their teams in the World Series. The Rangers won the pennant in a walk. Then Bochy did the same to the Rangers in the World Series.

*****In case you hadn’t noticed, the Braves supplied both major leagues a pair of trophy-winning pitching champions. Neftali Feliz was the American League Rookie of the Year, and Adam Wainwright was runner-up in the Cy Young Award voting in the National League. Both were traded away in John Schuerholz’s waning days as general manager — and I won’t forget the day we sat on the Braves bench and Bobby Cox said of Feliz, “He’ll be the best of them all.” He was speaking of the five players sent to Texas in that dastardly Mark Teixeira deal, for which they are still recovering.

*****Expanded major league postseason playoffs? Have these major league gourd heads lost their mind? Now, for a change, Bud Selig has a chance to step forth and act like a real Baseball Commissioner. Nip it in the bud, Bud.

*****Ever pay close attention to Ryan Moore, the pleasant young face on the PGA Tour? He’s the one with the throwback image, dressed out in a necktie. Only thing missing is a suit jacket and a woolen hat.

*****What next for Jeff Francoeur? He finished the year playing for his fourth team in two seasons, and while he had his fling in a World Series, he suddenly found himself demoted to the minor leagues at the end. Whereupon he elected free agency. Somewhere down the line, Jeff’s luck has to take a turn for the better. And he broke in with the Braves with full promise ahead….sometimes life ain’t fair.

Hang in there. See you again soon…..Selah.



  1. I agree with you about expanding the baseball playoffs. If a team can’t win their division (of which there are too many), do they deserve to go to the playoffs?

    We both know they’ll go for the money and expand, though.

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