Posted by: furmanbisher | October 27, 2010

World Series Tidbits

*****Will this be the World Series that never ends? Well, perhaps not that interminable, but Bud Selig is lucky it never snows in Arlington, TX. They do have “blue northers,” though, and that’s worse than snow. “Blue northers” come with ice, and sometimes it’s two and three inches thick. Try driving on that.

*****Television was pulling for a World Series between the Yankees and the Phillies, and what it gets is the Central and Mountain time zones. But get this: The Texas Rangers began the season in bankruptcy and finishes it in the World Series. Nolan Ryan began the season working for the Houston Astros and ends it in a box seat presidenting the Rangers and taking bows.

*****I’ve seen Tim Lincecum pitch twice—and lose twice, both times to the Atlanta Braves. And with that floor mop hair-style,  and his drawn features, he reminds me a lot of my dear departed grandmother.

*****Yes, Derek Dooley has to be lucky to come into a job like coaching the Tennessee Vols. But this isn’t the kind of Tennessee football of Bob Neyland’s day. The General wouldn’t put up with some of the trash that has pass through Tennessee some of the recent years. The General……now there was a man’s man!

*****I read the other day for a writer named Gay Talese—and yes, I once knew him—who is said to have “shaped sports writing”. Nice fella, excellent, but beg your pardon, he never shaped mine—-nor a lot of others, such as the great Red Smith.

*****Believe it, as I sign off, there is a golfer playing the European Senior Tour who’s name is Domingo Hospital. Absolutely, and I can vouch for it, for I remember Domingo when he tried to make a go of in the days of Montgomerie and Faldo



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