Posted by: furmanbisher | July 25, 2010

Take It or Leave It

*****Don’t know if it slipped by your department of non-essentials, but if it did, you’ll be pleasured to know that Gary Player slipped onto the Louis Oosthuizen bandwagon just before it left the station. He’s good at that, so at the last minute Gary called his New Pal Sunday morning before Louis could shave and gave him some deadline advice. Try as he could, he couldn’t displace Ernie Els in Louis’ life, for it was Ernie’s support that backed his South African friend onto the stage. He is Ernie’s guy, not Gary’s— but wait, it’s still not too late for Gary to unearth a way.

*****There were two Tiger Woods’ at St. Andrews—the personal charmer who oozes niceness in his television interviews, and the colossal ass who dealt in sneers in the press interview chamber— as it was presented to me. The guy knows how to pick his spots. And had you noticed, that El Tigre’s name is nowhere to be found among the list of Fed-Ex Cup leaders, all the way down to No. 56. Ernie Els is the leading money winner, in case you’re interested in what makes the Tour go round.

*****Never would I ever take a potshot at Tom Watson, but did it occur to you that he lingered too long on his last crossing of the Swilken Bridge? I know, it was his signature moment, but I’ll bet you he’ll cross it again some time in a Senior Tour scene, or something. He hovered so long that I was afraid he’d forget he still had to finish the l8th hole.

*****Oh, while we had our ears tuned into other affairs, had you noticed that we have a sports talk contest in town, to see who’s the who’s the mouthiest—680 or 790? Who’s keeping score, though?

*****The PGA Tour is closing down its publishing wing— you know, press guides, career records, past champions and all the stuff that we sports department guys live by. Tour editors have been sent packing and looking for work, and I’ll tell you this—here’s one guy who’ll miss them more than Tim Finchem could ever imagine!

*****And now to sign off with a fascinating memo about the Braves—one thing not to worry about is when the count is two strikes on Brian McCann. That’s when he’s most dangerous—-as well as the most valuable catcher in the major leagues. Lucky you, Braves fans!



  1. Who knows? … Maybe with the PGA’s Chief Technology Officer advertising for all the benefits that CDW (a tech firm) is doing to help with their statistical detail management of all aspects of the PGA; Finchem can have his IT department orginate something online that we historical ‘stat rats’ can gnaw on?

    And … has Gary Player always been a kind of ‘jump on the bandwagon’ sort of self promoter?

  2. I’m sorry the economic crunch has claimed more victims.

    As for Woods, his pressers are televised so it’s not as if he’s operating in secrecy. Reporters who want to pry into his private life are going to get snubbed, simple as that.

    Apparently, they don’t enjoy the experience. Boo-hoo.

    They should be grateful they still have jobs.

  3. Furman,

    Remember the golf movie, “Tin Cup?” Wonder how similar the antagonist character, played by Don Johnson, is in real life to Eldrick “Tiger” Woods?

    Ken Stallings

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