Posted by: furmanbisher | July 15, 2010

For What It’s Worth

*****Ahh, at last we have a rebuttal for Mississippi State’s cowbells. The soccer world brought the zuzuvuelas to us from South Africa. I’d heard that chorus before, but had no idea what its source was. Sounds like an assault of angry locusts……

*****The U.S. Open trophy was late arriving at Pebble Beach this year. It’s kept locked snugly in a box, but Lucas Glover lost the key code and he wasn’t able to locate it—the USGA to the rescue just in time.

*****Stewart Cink, on the other hand, kept the British Open claret jug in hand,and passed it around so friends could have their picture made with it. Neat fellow…

*****Whew, can you imagine the blood pressure at NBC if the Frenchman had sunk that putt on the last and the U.S. Open had run over into a playoff between him and Graeme McDowell? (Both mostly strangers to our side!).

*****You know, every time Tim Hudson comes to bat with Braves on base, the broadcast conclusion is that the sacrifice is on. Hey, this guy is a hitter. Led Southeastern Conference hitters his senior year at Auburn, and he checks in at a solid .257 at All-Star Game time.

*****Leo Mazzone – have you noticed? Bruce Chen is 4-2 at Kansas City. You remember, the Adam’s apple of your coaching life—first with the Braves, then you got to Baltimore, and look who was there? Bruce Chen.

*****Surprise! Brett Favre is tuning up the old body for another NFL season. Thought he could sneak in a few workouts with a high school team, did he? There goes the suspense. No Labron’s “The Decision” there.

*****If I’m not in error, this was the first time a Vanderbilt pitcher ever started a Major League All-Star Game.

*****And David Price is not that far removed from the class- room. Keep an eye on Mike Minor, the Braves farmhand. The lefthander is in his first full season as a Commodore alum.

*****Well, the Braves still have a minor investment in the frightful Mark Teixiera deal. You know, when they ransacked the farm system for a partial season of the first baseman. When the traded him for Casey Kotchman of the Angels, they got Steve Marek as a throw-in, and Marek is still in hand, pitching at Gwinnett. Kotchman has since made two stops, with the Red Sox and now Seattle.

*****Finally for today….in case you hadn’t noticed, that’s Leo Mazzone’s old pal Sam Perlozzo—who got him to Baltimore— now coaching third base for the Phillies.



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