Posted by: furmanbisher | June 16, 2010

For What It’s Worth

*****Since I’m merely an observer, I have no serious conflict with Chipper Jones and his retirement. It is apparent that he has lost some agility around third base, that some swing power has gone with it, and if, as he has said, that when he is not the Chipper who once led the league in hitting—and that was only two seasons ago—it would be time to go. I don’t care to get into a spitting fight over his ticket to Cooperstown, but I don’t foresee him as a first-ballot inductee. Nor a second, but somewhere down the line. If he had hit 500 home runs, that might have been the decider. Sorry, but he’ll come in somewhere behind Griffey Jr.

****So now Congress, with its plate full, is said to be about to pass a law that would ban the use of smokeless–that’s chewing or snuff stuff—tobacco in the major leagues. Surely, in these times of political unrest, there should be matters of much more pressing urgency in Washington. I did learn that smokeless has been banned in the minor leagues since 1993, which was a surprise to me. But, there is no players union in the minors.

****So, the Big Ten Becomes the Big Twelve, but there’s already a Big Twelve. Or there was. Now the former Big Twelve becomes another Big Ten—or whatever it chooses to call itself. I’d call the whole mess the Big Prostitution.

****An informal poll of Braves players, just returning from a road trip that included a visit with the Twins, the most preferred ball park in the major leagues is Target Park in Minnesota. In fact, I’ve never heard such glowing approval of any major league park, old or new. Let’s wait until we start the season there in a snowstorm, or try to end the World Series before Thanksgiving.

****In case you’d like to plan ahead, CBS, the TV network, has already penciled in the Georgia-Florida game for Oct. 30, at 3:30pm.

****How do those guys televising ball games, sitting up there in their elevated perch, know when a pitch is a “two-seamer,” or a “four-seamer?” It’s not that I doubt them, but just let me know what kind of vision they’re blessed with.

***Tiger Woods’ caddie, Steve Williams, made $1.7-million toting TW’s bag his last full season—before the crash. That would have ranked him 75th on the PGA Tour’s earnings list that year.

And speaking of Tiger, you can rest assured the Golf Channel is relieved to have him back in action. He fills a lot of those dead spaces billed as “Paid Programming.”

****One thing you can say about Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner, at least he walks like a football player—with bad knees.



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