Posted by: furmanbisher | April 22, 2010

Bits ‘n Pieces

Catching up on some loose items, such as Leo Mazzone and his latter-day views on pitching tendencies:

The Pitch Count: “It’s over-rated in a lot of cases. Pitchers get in the habit of expecting it. It’s over-used. I like what Javier Vasquez said, when he had a one-run game going, he wasn’t ready to come out…….That’s a reason I like Roy Halladay. He likes to finish his game. I like what Nolan Ryan is doing, pushing pitchers in the farm system to stretch it out.

“Pitching is a nine-inning game—or should be.”

****On the other hand, there was Greg Maddux. He often took himself. He’d simply come in and say, “I’m out of gas,” and that was it. Who was the pitching coach? Leo Mazzone himself.

****MacGregor Golf has closed down its plant in Albany, GA, home of the second oldest brand in USA golf. Also, last home of the once=treasured persimmon woods. Jack Nicklaus was once the face of MacGregor for three decades. The company had been in business in Georgia since 1958.

****Waste Management has taken over the Tour’s former FBR Open in Scottsdale, and the first thing the company should do is clean up that mess around the 16th hole.

****An assistant coach at a school in Ohio takes his players to a mortuary each year to show them how they might wind up if they take to the violent side. It might be pointed out that the coach works at the funeral home.

****Wonder if Elin Nordegren (Mrs. Eldrick Woods) is a member of the PGA Tour Wives Association?

****I suppose I read this right, that Ndamukong Suh, the huge Nebraska tackle, is donating $2-million to the university athletics.—and he hasn’t even been drafted yet. That falls under the heading of confident  generosity.

****That garish blue carpet in the Boise State football stadium is being toned down—finally. Means you can leave your dark glasses home next season.

****Andre Rison—remember him, ex-Falcon?— has gone home to Flint, Mich., to coach his old high school basketball team. Proof that some leopards can change their spots. On the other hand, there’s Tiger Woods, who returned to his old shell of arrogance in the Masters.

****Better use your youth while you’re young. You’re not going to be able to bank it and draw on it when you’re old and gray….Selah.


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