Posted by: furmanbisher | April 15, 2010

Disappearing Things

Just having a few flashbacks as I sit here reveling in the Masters that was. Fate dealt us another Phil Mickleson championship, meaning he has won twice since Tiger Woods won his last. We are, indeed, blessed.

Some of the things I miss terribly as time rolls by:

—The afternoon newspaper.

—The early morning milk man, and the Dutch Over bakery truck that used to deliver to the door.

—The full service filling station, and the attendant in his striped union-alls wiping down the windshield.

—The 50-cent haircut

—The convenient cow that was the family milk supply.

—Stick candy, preferable peppermint.

—The radio serial, as in Li’l Orphan Annie, Lum and Abner, One Man’s Family, Lone Ranger and more than I have space for here.

—The corner grocery, where you could charge everything, including licorice.

—Walking to school, then home for lunch.

—The sound of the factory whistle at noon, sort of an affirmation that all’s right with the world.

(And if you can recall any of these, then you know you were living when times were good and you never ever locked your doors.)



  1. straight on Furman

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