Posted by: furmanbisher | March 20, 2010

A Few Things to Chew On

*****Awhile back, I wrote a piece about all the folderol Bobby Cox will attract, playing out his final season as manager of the Braves. He’ll be a story target everywhere he makes a stop. He could have avoided that, I wrote, by waiting until the final game, then springing the news on us.

He sat behind his desk in the office at Disneyworld. He listened and chuckled when I brought up the matter again. “You know,” he said, “I thought about it, but not long. If I had waited till the end of the season, I’d have changed my mind.”

So, next spring there’ll be a new face behind that nameplate that reads “Manager’s Office.”

*****Since the Braves have been stationed in the Disneyworld complex, there has been one constant name change after another: Orlando, Lake Buena Vista, Disneyworld, ESPNDisneyworld, to the point that visiting spring correspondents were never quite sure what dateline to use. It became official the other day, I was told. From this point forward, the whole area will be known as “Kissimmee.” That’s official.

The Houston club had a bit of difficulty when it decided to establish a farm club in the area. The team would naturally be known as the “Kissimmee Astros.” Oops, sorry, but that wouldn’t play, as you can see. So they settled for the county name, Osceola Astros.

*****Miami, you know, is building a new baseball park to bring the Marlins in from the outskirts, now a-building on the site of the old Orange Bowl. Name of the new address: Dan Marino Boulevard. So the baseball Marlins will be playing on a street named for a football quarterback.

*****This has been a different kind of spring training for Tom Glavine. No bullpen work, no wind sprints, no sweat. Instead, a business suit, a necktie, make-up, rehearsal, line after line, directing his pitch to another kind of audience and a new kind of season. And now comes John Smoltz. Glavine will be pitching for Fox, Smoltz will line up with TBS. Then there’s Peachtree TV. It’s all a little confusing at this stage, then there’s the possibility that Smoltz will be around until some team finds a need for him in the bullpen. He’ll jump at it. Air time can wait until another time.

*****I guess you heard about Tiger Woods. He has decided to take up golf again. I guess that means his marriage and family can wait in the wings. And I also guess that gives you an idea that his most important mission in life is catching Jack Nicklaus. He has won 14 majors, same number as the women who claim to have had sex with him. So, four more majors to go. The family threesome can wait. Little doubt about where he stands now.



  1. good stuff wish you still wrote for the AJC. keep it comming

  2. “He has won 14 majors, same number as the women who claim to have had sex with him. So, four more majors to go. The family threesome can wait. Little doubt about where he stands now.”

    I enjoy the simplicity and honest morality that cuts through in your columns, Mr. Bisher! This quote of yours gets to the heart of the matter. It’s not that Woods is the first athlete to cheat on his family to this degree, it’s just that the moral image cultivated by the man was so opposite to his reality.

    The man still have positive virtues about him, but he has truly tarnished his image to a shocking degree and for likely the rest of his career.


    Ken Stallings

  3. Ah, the dreaded subject-verb tense issues once again — should have read “The man still has positive virtues about him …”

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