Posted by: furmanbisher | March 9, 2010

Spring Cleaning

****Noted a slack in my blogs, lately? Well, I get lazy with spring training on my plate. I’m usually down around Lake Buena Vista, or wherever the Braves are, this time of year. I’ll be late, but I’ll be there in a few days.

It has been a quiet spring training, hasn’t it?! Usually, by this time some guy has wrecked his Mercedes trying to climb a palm tree. In his car, I mean. Or picked up in a bar fight. Or been accused of fathering some waitress’s baby. Actually, you don’t see much of that any more, since most of the players rent a condo and bring mama and the kids with them now.

One year Ted Davidson, a pitcher, walked out of a bar in Tampa and was met by a bullet out of a gun in the hands of his wife. Now, that was one mad woman. He survived. Their marriage didn’t.

That, I don’t miss.

**** You can bet Augusta National is the least of the tournament hosts not worried about Tiger Woods, and if he’ll be there or not. That is,  except for all the crashing furor his presence would arouse.

I speak of the gate. The Masters is never concerned about  patronage. It’s always the same, has been, always will be, no matter who shows up with bag in hand. Do you remember the time when Lee Trevino was so out of sorts with the majestic atmosphere of Augusta National that he refused to darken the doors of the clubhouse? Changed shoes in the trunk of his car.

Then came to realize what a twit he had been when it was too late.

****You’ve read of the travails of Sea Island, grand and glorious Sea Island. It’s not news. It has been developing for a few years. But what is new are the steps Davis Love III and his brother Mark are taking to help. Really pitching in with the Tour tournament. They’re backing up the Fall season, in the saddle with an insurance company. Think about it – when most players are fishing around for the next check, here are the Love brothers trying to help save the farm. The McGladey—I think that’s the brand name— tournament will be played on one of the grandest old golf courses in the land, the Seaside Course—which is, by the way, on St. Simons Island, not Sea Island. It was originally laid out by Colt and Alison, and while it has had a little facelift by Tom Fazio, the original nine was the best side of golf I ever played, and hasn’t lost any of its appeal……Selah.



  1. Furman – Seaside on Saint Simons is a fabulous venue for the McGladrey Classic, the newest stop on the PGA TOUR fall series. This is a special community where legacy grows with every generation. Davis is excited about his Foundation partnering with RSM McGladrey, one of the nation’s leading professional services firms offering accounting, tax and business consulting to clients worldwide, and the PGA TOUR. Nationally, the McGladrey Classic benefits the Special Olympics and, locally, the Boys and Girls Club and Safe Harbor. The tournament promises to be the unveiling of a new tradition that locals and golf enthusiasts alike will not want to miss. Scott Reid – Tournament Director

  2. I lived in Jacksonville Fl for a number of years. Met my wife of 27 years and two kids there. Also came to know one of my very best friends in life from that homely, sprawling of town. His name was Mike and he made me so mad because everything he did he was great! Taught himself how to barefoot ski; in his 40`s had a better arm and bat playing softball than those hot shot kids half his age we played against. But the coup de gras was his golf game. He could (and regularly did) shoot scratch at the TPC or a cow pasture, whichever you most preferred. Some money men in Florida wanted to sponsor him on the tour but he had children from a previous marriage and felt he couldn`t take that kind of chance or risk. After 10 years of my back problem preventing me from becoming a serviciable player or having any fun at the game, Mike told me I should quit! My game was killing him!!!! I have never played since even though our friendship will go all the way to heaven. He did me the best favor a friend could ever do….told me the truth and saved me from myself. My golf game is better now in my mind than it ever was in my playing days!
    Keep writing Mr. Bisher, we`re listening.

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