Posted by: furmanbisher | February 25, 2010


**Don’t know about  you, but I’m still in recovery from the Tiger Woods’ public self-cleansing. Which, by the way, was followed up by a presumptuous warning from his goon of a caddie. Steve Williams sent out a growling message that “there will be no heckling” when His Majesty returns to the golf course. Which brings to mind the question: Where was the big stiff while Woods was playing the bedroom Romeo? And I add: one of Woods’ most annoying features on the tour was the presence of the surly caddie. Get rid of him, and the air clears swiftly.

**In case you missed it, I chortled at the line from the Sawgrass PGA Tour office, issued the day of Tiger Woods’  performance. It read: “The Tiger Woods hubbub is not  expected to delay tee times at Sawgrass.”
Gee, how thoughtful.

**Begging clarification: A news release reported that after his recent recital, “Tiger spent some time with his family.” Would I be too brash to ask: Which family? Where? From what I read, Elin was having lunch sans Tiger at a Thai restaurant, accompanied by one of her children.

**Bet you never expected ever to see as much curling as you have during these Olympics. Suddenly, it burst upon the scene, elbowing the evening news off the screen. Say  this, though, those women curlers are the prettiest athletes in the competition. Beauties, matter of fact, especially the Scandinavians.

**Question of the day: Whatever became of the once close friendship between Tiger Woods and Mark O’Meara? Once inseparable. Tiger was O’Meara’s plane ticket. “I haven’t seen much of him the last three years,” O’Meara told an interviewer.

**Yes, the Golf Writers’ Association boycotted the staged recital Woods gave, and I was one of the past presidents who voted for the boycott.

**Hey, had you noticed? There’s David Duval standing at No. 8 in the Ryder Cup standings.
Something cooking there.



  1. for not being a golf writer, your a good golf writer.

  2. No matter how professional and capable of public relations staff you hire, sooner than later the real person will come through. The more layers of veneer you put between the real you and the public persona, then the worse the revelation will be to everyone.

    Tiger Woods is among the more shocking revelations in recent times. But this has been the real Tiger Woods for a long time. His behavior on the course went from inspirational to contemptable. As his game failed to meet his personal expectations, the way he behaved in public got worse.

    You saw his caddie up close and in person, Furman, and a more fair and objective review I could not get as from you. So, I take it he was a quite boorish person. However, Woods hired him. I always wondered why Fluff stopped being his caddie, and I guess it was because Fluff couldn’t be a grouch, much less a thug!

    I have no idea if Tiger will recapture his former talent on the course. I have less optimism he will recapture his former positive image. Worse, I doubt very seriously he shall become a better quality of human being.

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