Posted by: furmanbisher | February 3, 2010

Views of An Absolute Senior Writer

**I notice that our country’s president went to a college basketball game the other day. This was, I’d suppose, another step in his procedure to establish himself as a one-time player of the game. Georgetown played Duke. Georgetown won. It hasn’t been a good season for Duke. Nor for their neighbor, North Carolina. The situation has thickened so in Chapel Hill that someone has suggested that Roy Williams put his arm back in a sling and contend that he has been on leave. That would protect  his coaching re cord, which is leaking badly. Editorially, his timing is bad as well – his first book just came off the presses. The title is “Hard Work,” and the work had turned out to be harder than he expected.

** I think it was Gary Player who said, “You get only one chance to make a first impression.” Now, that’s an observation difficult to take issue with.

**In case you are among our citizens who have wondered what a “senior writer” is, as against, say, just a “writer”—I’m afraid I can’t be of much help. There are few writers older than I am, but I’ve never been able to travel under title of “senior writer.”

**The Senior Bowl game this year should have been renamed the “Tim Tebow Bowl.” The poor guy was under microscopic inspection from the first day until the final point was scored. One so-called television observer came down hard on him. “Fourth best quarterback here,” he said. “Probably will not be drafted above the third round.”  Maybe I’m a dreamer, maybe I’m a poor judge of QBs. I was wrong on Joe Flacco. I thought he was over his head in the NFL, basing it mostly on the leap from Delaware to the NFL. I  thought Matthew Stafford was about the same grade as David Greene.
Wrong again.
But Tebow? They downgrade his delivery, his agility, and contend that he has dropped off considerably from Tebow, the Heisman Trophy winner. I don’t think there’s any way he’ll be hanging around until the third round. I think he can become an NFL quarterback. So there…..



  1. i think Tebow has the makeup to be a sucessful pro at the position his coachs deem best for his skills. his drive looks to be just to compete to his best.

    have the damn squirrls followed you to the coast?

  2. I agree. I think Tim Tebow can make it in the NFL. At least I hope so, and that pains a Tennessee graduate to say that.
    Speaking of Tennessee, after the Lane Kiffin fiasco, I keep wondering why AD Mike Hamilton still has a job.
    Kind regards,
    Park Morgan

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