Posted by: furmanbisher | January 30, 2010

Winter Musings

— Frequently I’ve wondered what would be the case if the Super Bowl should happen to be scheduled—as it might have been this time—at the site of one of the participants? The NFL has designated the Superdome several times—four, I think I read—and would the game ‘have been played there this year with the Saints in their own ball park. Anybody got the answer? Roger Goodell, for instance?

— It’s not often you get invited to a wine-tasting that features a football player who made it to the Hall of Fame. But this is one. Terry Hoage, the Georgia Bulldog defensive back who blocked the kick that set up the decisive score in the Sugar Bowl game that sealed the national championship against Notre Dame in the 1980 season, is the person herewith noted. Terry was only a freshman, on his way to All-American recognition, later an NFL star before turning to wine-making in California. The event takes place at Sea Island in early February, and Terry will share the stage with the wines of his selection.

— Don’t know if you’ve heard this story before, but it came up during the Georgia State Golf Association luncheon the other day. Bobby Jones and Watts Gunn, both members of East Lake, made it to the finals of the U.S. Amateur played at Oakmont in 1925. First time ever that  had ever happened.

Both Jones and Gunn were housed at the Oakmont clubhouse, and as Jones returned to the room after dinner, he met Gunn coming out, and asked him where he was going.

“I’ve got a date,” Watts told him.

“No you’re not,” Bobby said, “get back up there and go to bed. We have to play tomorrow and I don’t want you to have any excuses.”

Watts broke his date. He still lost to Bobby, 8 and 7, but he still won the Pittsburgh girl. Her name was Jane, they were wed and lived happily ever after in Atlanta.

— Somebody please tell me, enlighten my limited Winter Olympics vocabulary? What in the hell is “halfpipe?” I apologize for my ignorance.

— American institutions have contributed generously to the cast of imported PGA Tour stars, and these are only a few: Tim Clark of South Africa and Carl Pettersen of Sweden (N.C. State); Graeme McDowall of Northern Ireland (Univ. of Alabama/ Birmingham); Mike Weir of Canada (Brigham Young); Camilo Villegas of Colombia (Florida) and Ryuji Imada of Japan (Georgia). There are more, I’m sure……Selah.



  1. Halfpipe, as I understand it, is the event in which skate boarders go from side to side, do flips, etc. in what looks like a huge sewer pipe sliced horizontally in half–thus creating a “half pipe.” There is someone named Tony Hawk who is the Babe Ruth of the halfpipe–so I’ve heard.

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