Posted by: furmanbisher | December 9, 2009

Vick’s Vengeance

Well, Michael Vick has made his return to Atlanta, and it was the kind of day to forget.  The Philadelphia Eagles had the game locked up when Andy Reid decided to rub the Falcons’ nose in the dirt. He came out throwing Michael Vick—a name and a person Atlanta would just as soon forget. That is, unless you were one of the herd dressed in a #7 shirt with Vick’s name on the back. And there were a bunch of them, my friend, and they had their pleasure.

Andy Reid has had experience dealing with law-breakers, close at hand, in fact. He had two sons jailed for drug abuse at the same time. I don’t know what became of their cases, but two arrests in the same family at the same time is indictment enough. The point is, Reid knows how it is to deal with, and has a feeling for guys who have done time, and Vick did a stretch in Federal care.

There were some, I’m sure, who doubted Vick would ever be seen in an N FL uniform again. But he did his time, he said all the right things and it seemed that he had saved his vengeance for the day he could look across the line at the kind of uniform he once wore. He ran for one touchdown, and then, when the Eagles already had the Falcons embarrassingly whipped, Vick threw a pass into the end zone for a touchdown that sent those #7 shirt-clad spectators into a spree of glee.

It was Andy Reid’s slap across the face—and for what reason? The Falcons were already done. Out of it, with their offensive weapons standing on the sideline in street clothes. What is it, Andy Reid? Somebody in Atlanta who did you wrong? You may rest assured that these Falcons will be in good health again down the line, and this is one they won’t forget.



  1. It’s always good to read your news Mr. Bisher. I hope all is well with you and family.

    An old Delta friend,
    Richard Price

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