Posted by: furmanbisher | November 14, 2009

Football Facts & Interest

It has been published that the Steinbrenner sons (of George) are planning to create their own bowl game in Yankee Stadium next year.

Yes, with college football teams.

I went to a bowl game in New York (seems to have been on another planet. Baylor Played Utah State at the Polo Grounds, the old baseball Giants’ home field, and it was called the Gotham Bowl. Nine thousand people—I wouldn’t say fans—came to the game and we all froze together. Remember this: Two later-to-be pros made themselves known to us that day: Merlin Olsen, a tackle, and Jim Turner, quarterback, both of Utah State.

A former football coach, who name has long-since faded from the sports scene, passed away a few weeks ago, and with barely a notice. Charlie Waller came from Decatur, Ga., coached high school teams there, and later popped up across the continent as an assistant at Clemson, Auburn, Texas and in the NFL, onetime a brief fill-in as head coach with the San Diego Chargers. His moment in the sun—as an assistant to George Allen with the Washington Redskins in the historic Super Bowl of 1973, when the Dolphins completed their perfect season.


Have you ever considered the coincidence—that the Falcons’ new up-front team of  Smith & Dimitroff sounds like a New York steak house?


In case this is important to you, in any shape or form: There are 83 players from 36 foreign countries on the rosters of NBA teams. Only one is an Atlanta Hawk—Zaza Pachulia.



  1. True words, some true words man. You rocked my day!

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