Posted by: furmanbisher | September 19, 2009

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How would you like for the main theme of your obituary to be the fact that you once fired someone, even a coach? So it was with the late Myles Brand, president of the NCAA, but prior to that, president of Indiana University, “best remembered,” as the wire service presented him, “for firing the legendary basketball coach Bob Knight.”


Thursday night games are not Paul Johnson’s cup of tea, more like hemlock. This year Georgia Tech had two Thursday night games in a row; Clemson at home, Miami on the road. No more, Johnson said. “Once a year is enough.”

After Scott Blair missed a field goal in the Clemson game, the Georgia Tech placekicker pledged to his coach, Paul Johnson, “I promise you, coach, you didn’t waste a scholarship on me.” Then he went out with 55 seconds left to play and kicked the field goal that won the game.


What I’ve never understood is the press conference, which is a misnomer, after some physical accident. As, after a player’s leg was broken, the coach of his NFL team was rushed into a press conference to do what? Explain what a broken leg is? That the player won’t be playing for awhile? That the player will be penalized for getting his leg broken?


My highlight of the Buffalo-New England game was the absurd sight of Suzy Kolber trundling along behind Tom Brady, trying to get him to say something after the Patriots had won. Such intrusions are absolutely absurd, male or female, for the athlete (or coach) can add nothing, and the TV audience gains nothing by the meaningless trivia. Enough, enough!

I liked it when Joe Paterno told one attempting interviewer, “I’ve got to get to the locker room. My team is waiting to see what I have to say.”

I would correct the terminology of both press and broadcast persons, who refer to a onetime college star as a “former All-American.” He’s not “former,” he’s still an All-American.


I liked it when Mike Lupca, the NY columnist, wrote that Alex Rodriguez “deserved no better treatment than Barry Bonds or any other drug cheat.  We’re supposed to buy this?” That followed Peter Gammons coming off like defense attorney speaking for a client.

Joe Cox was hardly well received with his reprise to those who spoke of his early performances. Such as, “All those people out there who never played the game and don’t know what they’re talking about.” Yes, Joe, there are millions who never played football, but who know the game, and who never played quarterback, but know one when they see one, and have an eye for a performance, good or bad. After four seasons in training, he should be well prepared by now.


I must have missed it, but was there some poll, or something along that line, in which Atlanta was voted “America’s most miserable sports town?” And if so, why? And who done it?


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