Posted by: furmanbisher | August 13, 2009

No Time Outs (P.S.)

This should not be allowed to escape your attention, a matter that I brought up yesterday after Tiger Woods had closed out another of many Bridgestone triumphs. He and Padraig Harrington had been “put on the clock,” as they say, by a rules official, since identified as John Paramour, of the European Tour. Tiger has since nailed the dude, and sportsman that he his, laid the blame on Paramour for causing Harrington to rush three shots that eventually took him out of the lead, and out of contention.

Perhaps you might have felt that I was defending Harrington for what the Associated Press called a “meltdown.” Not in Tiger’s eyes. “I’m sorry that John got in the way of a great battle,” he said, aptly and sportingly put—for which the PGA Tour will fine him. Tiger, that is.

Bully for you, Tiger. John Paramour exceeded his authority, and he should be wiser, for he is the European Tour’s chief rules official. And who were Woods and Harrington holding up? Nobody. They were the final pairing – it was their show down to the wire, and if CBS had become involved, the network should have been fined, not Woods. He exuded the good sportsmanship that should prevail in golf, for which he is fined—not that that is going to make even a dent in his bankroll. I repeat, bully for you, Tiger!


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