Posted by: furmanbisher | August 8, 2009

The Stuff of Rumors & Legends

So, whoever even suggested that the Braves should consider bringing John Smoltz back? Not here. Not in this precinct. When he abruptly took his leave back in the spring, that was it. Relations severed once and for all. In the first place, Smoltz didn’t make a graceful exit, but instead might as well have worn a sprig of mistletoe on his coat-tail. To tell the truth, I was unhappier to see Tom Glavine check out. This was a decision, not of Frank Wren’s doing, but of the scouts assigned to report on Glavine’s progress—which was not up to desired standards.

I’m guessing the rumor about Smoltz started with a recent interview with Bobby Cox. Good ol’ Bobby Cox—don’t know if you noticed his interview on television, or as reported in the AJC. He had watched Smoltz in his last disastrous start against the Yankees, and was asked what he thought. Bobby is the true-blue, faithful manager to his players, no matter if the guy might have trained under Sadam Hussein. “I thought he had good stuff, just a matter of location,” he said.”His stuff was good.” Stop right there. That is in no way any indication that the Braves might consider taking Smoltz back in the fold. They don’t need him, in the first place. Wren and associates have assembled a sound pitching corps, though the bullpen has developed occasional hiccups. As it happens to all teams, and all players, at one time or another there must come an end.


You may have noticed in the Saturday edition of the AJC, that Vince Dooley will receive the Atlanta Rotary Club “Legends Award” next Monday. That’s impressive, and quite honorably deserved. Blushingly, I would like to report that your humble blogger—namely me—received the same honor at last Monday’s Rotary meeting. As I understand it, Rotarians made a study of over 200 Georgian candidates for this award, settled on 12 winners, and Coach Dooley and I were among the chosen. I have to admit, I’m proud to have been chosen – proud, honored, and very grateful.


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