Posted by: furmanbisher | June 28, 2009

Just Stoking the Fire

Well, say this for Jeff Bennett—at least he had the good sense not to punch the wall with his bread-and-butter hand. Not that it has brought much bread and butter to the Braves’ lately. Of all the Braves relievers, his appearance is the one that brings fear to my heart.


I see that T.K. Wetherall is retiring as president of Florida State. Well, there goes the Seminoles’ record-holder for the longest kickoff return. True – when he was a wide receiver and kick-returner, back in his playing days.


Do you suppose that Bobby Bowden’s recruits have driven the president into cover? Saint Bobby has brought great embarrassment to FSU, not to mention taking him out of the race with Joe Paterno as the college coach with the most victories.


It’s about time the Falcons got into the fray to see Tommy Nobis inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It’s also last call. His fate is now in the hands of the Senior Committee, and once he misses out there, it’s over. I’ve had players tell me they’d rather have been tackled by Dick Butkus than Nobis. Tommy is being punished for those Falcons’ losing records. Come on, Arthur Blank, get yourself in the push.


It’s a puzzle to me, the difference between the two Braves teams: the one that first shut out the Yankees, and then the one that turned around and got hammered like the Bad News Bears. Cheers for Tommy Hanson, the kid, and boo’s for Derek Lowe, their most expensive pitching investment.



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