Posted by: furmanbisher | June 24, 2009

Quick Shots

Strange thing, that Nick Green has played shortstop for the Red Sox all these weeks and nobody in Atlanta noticed until he hit a home run that beat the Braves. And I remember when he came in after a quick call-up by the Braves a few years ago and brought no luggage.

“I didn’t think I’d be here long, so I just left everything but my toothbrush and razor back there,” he told me. And here he is, still in the majors and beating up on his old team.


Quick now, who are Dave May and Roger Alexander? Or, who were they?

Part of the Braves’ most unsavory history. Henry Aaron was to the Brewers for the two of them, wherever they may be. May played two seasons here, Alexander never threw a pitch in Atlanta, and needless to say, the Brewers were just cleaning out the pantry in exchange for one of the Braves most memorable historical figures.


Don’t know that it will ever be mentioned anywhere else, but the Granddad of the new U.S. Open champion, Lucas Glover, was fullback on Frank Howard’s great Clemson team of 1948, Dick Hendley by name. (Later played a season with Steelers.) Unbeaten. Bobby Gage’s peak season. Remember, you Tiguhs?


No doubt, winning the British Open, or the U.S. Open is major stuff. But ask any golfing professional you know, and he’ll tell you he’d rather win the Masters. There’s a lot of prestige inside that Green Jacket.


The ISP Network connection made with the Georgia Athletics department is a sign of a lot of changes in Bulldogs athletics, including some of the old-time, longtime personalities with whom you have been connected for so long. Happily, Scott Howard will not be one of the victims, carrying on with the Bulldogs’ football broadcast team. Popular move.


Ever notice, how NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell even walks like a football player? Check it out next draft day.


Stunned that the Braves might trade Chipper Jones (for a platoon of prospects)? Remember, this is the team that traded Henry Aaron and Dale Murphy, and didn’t try to re-sign Phil Niekro or John Smoltz.


Does it really bug you that networks are so brazen that they break into the broadcast of a major league game to interview the manager? Cheers for Bobby Cox, who refuses to allow it.


Let me recommend a new “Chicken Soup for the Soul” publication. It’s “Inside Basketball.” Good stuff.


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