Posted by: furmanbisher | June 19, 2009

Hutzpah or Hell?

So I picked up the morning paper, and reconfirmed what I’d already heard by radio, that Georgia State would be including Alabama on its first football schedule in 2010.

Wait a minute, you mean this Georgia State, buried in the belly of Atlanta, with no history in football, yet to hold its first practice—if it even has a practice facility—is brash enough to schedule a game with the national giant from Alabama? A check for $400,000 to go to Tuscaloosa and get ortified? Remember, you’re supposed to be able to stand before you walk!

You remember, too, that this is the Alabama where Curry once coached, and which virtually rode him out of town, even though he won an SEC championship. That wasn’t enough. He couldn’t beat Auburn, so in the Crimson Tide mind, he couldn’t even win the state championship. Besides, he came from Georgia Tech. GEORGIA TECH! of all places, the rival that turned the Chick Graning incident—more than an incident, an assault—into a boiling crisis.

That Curry would even consider leaving Georgia Tech for Alabama, and that Alabama would even consider hiring a Georgia Tech coach; these had been confounding puzzles. Curry took the job only after serious consultation with Bobby Dodd, whose advice was, “Take it, you’ll never have a chance to coach players or a team like that again.”

Curry has tasted both the nectar and the dregs of football. Member of championship teams in the NFL, coach of some of the worst teams in Georgia Tech history, but respected as a man of high character wherever he has been. But is he considering the kind of whupping he’s subjecting his young men to? A Saturday in November, in Tuscaloosa? A team from nowhere against a team that knows no mercy?

I shudder at the thought.


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