Posted by: furmanbisher | April 24, 2009

Miscellaneous Musings

Here we go again, full of questions, but not many answers:

For months we have been seeing and hearing such pundits as Mel Kyper Jr.—I wonder what Sr. does in real life—expound on who’ll be No. 1 in the NFL draft? Back and forth, from Matthew Stafford to Mark Sanchez, with that coiffed hairstyle bouncing in the air, over and over again. Another show, same tired old predictions to the point of wanting to call the FCC.

As for me, I generally couldn’t care less. I do have this feeling: I would hope that Stafford gets his chance with some team less dismal than Detroit. He has a lot to overcome and to be an NFL quarterback, he needs time to watch and learn. He can only get that kind of indoctrination as a backup, not a starter.


I do get a kick out of some of these corrections that flash across the wire, as in this: “Ryan Braun left the game with a sore RIGHT side. It was inadvertently announced that it was his LEFT side.” Stop the presses!


Well, I guess you could say this without compunction: They have truly “Tiger-proofed” Augusta National. He has been able to win the Masters only once in the last seven years.


Nobody can find any fault with Mark Fox as the new basketball coach at Georgia. Nice man. Good record. Yes, but a total stranger in these parts, and to Bulldog alumni, those who underwrite the program. But why, in any common sense situation, the UGA moguls could sit silently and let a chance to hire Bob Knight slip by is mysterious. He was the choice of 90% of the responding students and the overwhelming choice of the alumni who responded. And of television, and radio, and surely the press. Must have been fear of Michael Adams, of course – he who has designs on becoming the next head of the NCAA. And, Damon Evans’ fear of dealing with a coach of Knight’s prestige. C’est la vie!


It was Bob Knight, who said: “I fortunately have never worried about irritating people.” And who also said, upon tying Dean Smith’s record for the most victories for a male college coach: “I’d like to have hit 62 home runs. Then I think I’d have accomplished something.” (The number 62 dates him, of course.)


I’m curious: Just who do Braves fans consider the more value third baseman in their Atlanta history— Eddie Mathews or Chipper Jones? I’d like to hear.




  1. Regarding Matthews and Chipper…

    Isn’t it wonderful that the Braves franchise has two such quality athletes to choose from? Either would be fine.

    Eddie M is the only Brave to play in Boston, Milwakee, and Atlanta. He started at 3rd the first season in Atlanta, and of course became a mediocre manager after retirement. I think he and Aaron still hold the record for most homeruns by teammates. Aaron and Matthew made for a fiercesome lineup in their heyday. Matthews was an example of how hard work on his most significant weakness- fielding- can make a professional athelete a better all around player.

    Chipper is much more recent and current. I think of him more as a smooth hitter than power hitter, but look at his homeruns add up. Switch hitting is a nod over Matthews, and his batting accomplishments have come without a steady Aaron-like presence in the same lineup. Chipper has hit against many more fresh relievers due to how the game has changed. Chipper is smoother in the field than Matthews, but neither is a B. Robinson or Schmidt (or Clete Boyer, to dip into the Brave past). Matthews improved during his time, but Chipper has been steady and has an accurate arm. Chipper benefitted from the TBS exposure acrosss the country, but thank God his tatoos are discrete and his affairs generally kept quiet during much wider exposure of athletes. Lastly, my youngest daughter, now in college, thinks Chipper hung the moon, so I cannot dis him and still enter my home.

    In conclusion since you worded your question ‘…the more value(able) third baseman in their Atlanta history…’, well, most of Matthews’ performance was in Milwakee, not Atlanta, so Chipper has been the man in Atlanta history. But Mr. Bisher, may I return the question back to you, reworded: Who is the best third baseman in Brave franchise history?

    My view is that is a more open question, and both are fine representatives of the franchise.


  2. The best of Mathews was left in Milwaukee. He was past his prime here, but in his prime, he was a power hitter and a better defensive 3rd-baseman than Chipper, mainly because of his arm, and his durability. At least, that’s my view—FB

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