Posted by: furmanbisher | February 16, 2009

Coach Search?

Could it possibly be that when Joel Eaves hired Vince Dooley to coach football at Georgia, he went through a “search firm?” Of course not. Could it be that when Vince Dooley hired Mark Richt to coach football at Georgia, he went through a “search” firm? Of course not.

Then, pray tell, why is it that the present Director of Athletics at Georgia, Damon Evans, has employed Parker Executive Search of Atlanta, at a fee of $75,000 (plus expenses) to “conduct a search” for a basketball coach? Does Evans’ title, Director of Athletics, not indicate that he, indeed, is well versed in the field in which he serves the university?

I have no idea how a search firm operates, but I will say that if I hired a person to be head of a department of athletics I would expect him to have more contacts than a “search firm,” whose title includes the term “executive.” Georgia already has an executive, and that executive is Damon Evans, head of the department of athletics, and as such, a specialist in his field.

Now, having said all that, let’s get down to business. I am, in no way, campaigning for Bob Knight to be the basketball coach at Georgia. I happened to run across a tip that he was available, and that if offered the job, he would like to have it. Far as I was concerned, sounded like a heck of an idea to me, to have the man who had won more games as a college coach than any other male.

That set off some kind of fire storm, in which I chose not to participate. I must be honest and say that 95 per cent of the respondents informed our blogging department that they agreed, and when would Evans et al get on with it? I have no interest in engaging Messrs. Bradley and Moore in any kind of intramural hassle. I was not opining, nor campaigning, I was merely turning a news tip into a column, which is what I do sometimes.

Far as I’m concerned, it would seem to me that Bob Knight wouldn’t require the services of a “search firm.” Heaven knows, Knight’s career has been under microscopic observation since the day he checked in as coach at West Point, then at Indiana, then at Texas Tech. He became far more public than your average politician, with every rage he has pitched, every chair he has tossed throughout the 902 games he has won, and every scowl he has scowled, well publicized. Evans needs no search firm to run him through all that, this firm that has “a strong reputation for the amount of detail they put into the process, how they develop their searches…..their background checks.”

Good for ol’ Parker. But you mean that this search firm is more attuned to college athletics than the Director of Athletics at Georgia? Georgia is not looking for an executive; Georgia is in need of a coach. Frankly, it’s my guess that Evans is fearful of dealing with Bob Knight, though he would be his boss. This possibility has been hanging around for several days and all that has come out of Athens is stony silence. Neither Evans nor President Michael Adams has uttered any kind of response, not that that was essential since there were newspaper columnists doing it for them. It struck me as a jolly good move to hire this exceptional coach who virtually threw himself on their laps. It’s probably a somnambulant issue by now, but it has been fun.


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