Posted by: furmanbisher | February 11, 2009

For What It’s Worth

— Well, let’s see what we have here today, provided we can thresh our way through the Super-Steroid news section. And my first thought is, do you think Alex Rodriguez REALLY thought that all that confessing would clear his record of all taint? First place, that he designated his own interrogator leaves him open to question. And what about all the home runs he hit while feeding on his illegal substances? Does he eliminate them from his record? This was cool and calculating, but I doubt it get his chosen results.

—The Westminster Dog Show has long been a “MUST” in our television fare, but somehow, not this year. Too many of those fluff balls—egad, how I despise those house pets barbered to look like feather dusters, being led around by too many corpulent trainers. And too many so-called “classes,” too many dogs that looked the same, too many repeat commercials, and frankly, cutting too much into my bedtime. In the end, though, we had to check in on the canine pageantry, and it was like a Disney movie! Right, honor and a vintage longshot came through in the form of 10-year-old Old Stump, the Sussex terrier, veteran of the show. Won “Best of Show”, as a matter of fact! Love that name, Old Stump. After that, the winning of one for us old dudes, I slept well.

—And who is this Henry Waxman, the Congressman, who said that “lying to Congress is a serious crime.” Any more serious than lying under oath on the witness stand, or lying under any condition to cover a crime, or make any kind of gain? Lying is lying, as is set forth in the Ten Commandments: “Thou shalt not lie.” Got it, Henry?

—I see that the NCAA is going ahead with its geographical sprawl in the Men’s Basketball Tournament. Times are hard, travel is more expensive than ever, but Mike Slive, of the SEC, the NCAA chairman, stubbornly sticks to the old format, i.e. sending teams far out of their region to tournament sites across country. “We’re sensitive (to what?), but I think our obligation is to provide a nationally competitive, geographically spread tournament, and that’s what we’re going to do.”

Nice going, Mike. After all, it’s not your dough. It’s a stupid way of staging a tournament in the first place, but stupid is as stupid does.

—I think you’ll find out that the reason Andruw Jones is taking Texas’ minor league contract is that the Rangers’ hitting coach has a reputation that attracts players from various parts of the majors. You’ll find that when the Braves’ season ended, Jeff Francoeur made a bee-line to work with Rudy Jaramillo, the coach in question, and I can’t verify this, but my guess is that Andruw consulted with Frenchy and followed his lead. Just a hunch.

—Jim Wilson, a tackle on Vince Dooley’s first team at Georgia, died the other day of cancer, and in his obituary he was identified as a “former” All-American. It was a jolting reminder of how often that identification word is used, and how incorrect it is. Wilson was not a “former” All-American, he is an All-American and always will be, as will so many others who have passed this way.


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