Posted by: furmanbisher | January 27, 2009

Wren’s Nest

All right, this is where we are. The Braves don’t care to dicker with John Smoltz, and he moves on to the Red Sox. Jeff Francoeur comes up for arbitration, and he and the Braves are a few hundred thousand apart—and don’t forget, a year ago the Braves were willing to make a long term deal with Francoeur for much more than this offer. Brian McCann took the deal, Francoeur rejected it, then fell upon hard ground with a bad season last summer.

Meantime, while Smoltz moves on to Boston, the Braves open up the purse and hand over a $60-million contract to Derek Lowe, a medium-class righthander. They won’t come up with an extra sweetener for Smoltz, but they can commit to $60 million for Lowe. Would you call that Lowe-balling?

Once upon a time the Atlanta was the Camelot of the big leagues. This was the destination of many a player who thought Atlanta was the place to be. Bobby Cox was the manager they wanted to play for. The Braves was the uniform they wanted to wear. Remember? This was the team that was able to sign Greg Maddox for $28 million for five years.

My summation is that Frank Wren is not the man to follow John Schuerholz, though Schuerholz was on the dark side of his effectiveness as a general manager when he vacated the office. Remember, he is the GM who traded five prospects for Mark Texeirera, Three of those five prospects will be starters for the Rangers this year, or next. At least Teixiera, meanwhile, has become a $180-million property of the Red Sox. My view is that you don’t make a deal for a Teixeira unless you have a plan to keep him on your roster. This took the shine off Schuerholz’s otherwise glittering stand in Atlanta.

Stand by for later developments.



  1. I don’t know what to say, Mr. Bisher. The team of my childhood officialyl disappeared when Smoltz placed that “B” on his head – I never thought I’d see anythign but that beautiful “A.”

    It just seems like Wren is trying to build his own team – like too much of it was still Schuerholz’s. I question many of the moves the organization has made this summer and really don’t feel like we are in a better place now than we were at the end of the 2008 season.

    Will I still head to the ballpark and cheer on our “Bravos”? Absolutely. Will the product on teh field look familiar? I doubt it.

    Thanks for writing and keep up the good work, Mr. Bisher!


  2. I’ll definitely be standing by for later developments, as I’d love to hear how the Red Sox ended up with Teixeira.

  3. Red Sox, Yankees, they’re all the same to Bisher. Also who is this Greg Maddox character?

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