Posted by: furmanbisher | December 1, 2008

For What It’s Worth

  • Roddy Jones entered the season a raw rookie who had never carried the ball in a Georgia Tech game. He closed it out holding Tech’s single game record for a running back against Georgia. His 214 yards swept by Jerry Mays’ 207 yards run up against the Bulldogs in 1989…..
  • Offhand, I’d say that if Matthew Stafford went into the game on the fence about his future, whether to continue his football education or take the pro road, this was an experience that should encourage him to give the situation further study. This is the same Georgia Tech team that fumbled the ball all over Grant Field in the spring game, huh? Fourteen fumbles, nine between quarterback and running backs? And none in the rain against Georgia. How does a coach coach the non-fumble play?
  • In case nobody was making note of it, the last time Georgia Tech beat Georgia, Miami, Florida State and Clemson in the same season was 1970. I’ll tell you who was making note of it, my friend Tony Panzarella out in Kennesaw, making note and reminding me…
  • On another historical note, when Pepper Rodgers returned to coach at Georgia Tech in 1974, he used a triple option offense similar to Paul Johnson’s, but it was called “the wishbone”…
  • Headline in The Journal the day after Georgia beat Georgia Tech in 1980 on its way to the national championship: “Dooley Won’t Rule Out Auburn Job.” He did, and now he resides in statuesque form on the campus in Athens. Whew, close call!
  • Well, the early World Series odds are in for next season, in case you’re interested. Favorite: The Red Sox at 3-l. The Braves are far down the list at 30-1. I like it better when little is expected of the home boys, and we have experienced quite a bit of that lately…
  • In case you wondered what happened to Atlanta’s AT&T Classic PGA Tour date, it is now known as the Valero Texas Open, moved from Sugarloaf in the spring to San Antonio in the fall. Valero is an oil monarchy…
  • Frankly, I never ever considered that Tiger Woods and Buick made a logical corporate marriage. Say this for Eldrick, though, he put on one helluva show for GM.
  • This is how race horses get their names: Remember “Funny Side”? His sire raced under the name “Distorted Humor”. Now, seems “Distorted Humor” has sired a filly, and her name will be “Hysterically”. (Or maybe he was bred to a dame named “Hysterically”. Now that would get a laugh or two)…

I don’t know that I have anything left to say today, other than my age-old sign-off term……Selah.


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