Posted by: furmanbisher | November 18, 2008

Where Politicians Should Fear to Tread

Mr. President-elect, hold your horses:

We’ve had people far more enlightened on college football jabbing away at a playoff system, the bowl mess, the BCS and topics much more foreign to you than the current economy, the $700 billion bailout (or however you address it) and international diplomacy. At least we should all hope so.  So you want an eight-team college football playoff? Just drop your proposal in the Suggestion Box along with all the others mouldering there. This country didn’t elect you to solve the problems of the NCAA. Even President Reagan, who knew and played the game, never dared touch that hot topic, and while you appear to be quite sincere in your approach, you also reveal a rather immature side. You sound like one of those alumni who has all the problems solved. A “just leave it to me” posture. You obviously haven’t been reading the sports pages lately. I know, John McCain has had your attention, but you’ll notice even McCain had enough gumption not to touch the college football nonsense. Attack something you really know—I guess. I hope. Attack what you were elected for, though I haven’t yet figured that out. Let’s see, let’s start with the economy first. Then check with me when you get that cleared up and we’ll go from there.



  1. Well said. Kinda wonder how much attention he’s paying to the real issues at hand if he’s taking time to sovle the playoff “problem”

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