Posted by: furmanbisher | November 5, 2008

Reflections on Matthew Stafford

Sorry to say it, but it’s the thought here that Matthew Stafford’s future in the NFL appears strangely akin to David Greene’s, if you’ll pardon my saying so. They remind me much of each other in style, in expression, in manner of taking hold—or not taking hold—and promise of future development.

I’m taking this time to deliver a short blog before setting out for one more Georgia Tech game, this one homecoming day back on my old campus at Chapel Hill. This one has the prospect of being the triple option’s fiercest test, considering Butch Davis’ vast experience on several levels.

On departure, I couldn’t get Stafford off my mind with those two dreadful performances against Alabama and Florida stacked against him. There’s just something about his countenance when all is not going well. Jeff Schultz may have something there when he says “they don’t belong,” meaning, I’d suppose, these Bulldogs of the moment.

Have a nice weekend—and don’t forget to vote next time.


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