Posted by: furmanbisher | November 4, 2008

For What It’s Worth

About a Few Things Running Through My Mind

—The Braves’ dealings with free agent types haven’t worked out too well these recent seasons: Mike Hampton, Mark Teixeira (who cost them five live prospects) Tim Hudson, Albie Lopez, then they come up with a winner, Mark Kotsay, and dump him.
—And if they open up even one ear to Andruw Jones, and his talk of coming back, they deserve what they get—a .153 hitter who has lost his touch with the long ball.
—Can you recall any season when as many baserunners have been called out when they were obviously safe?
—Keep your kids away from sports talk shows. You’ve never heard worse grammar south of Appalachia.
—Why the sad TV ratings for the World Series? Well, they keep running the baseball season into the muffler-and-gloves-season, what could you expect?!
—Charley Manuel never was able to make it in the major leagues as a player, but in Japan he was bigtime. One season he was Player of the Year in their Pacific League.
—Once the PGA Tour realizes that the golf season should end with the PGA Championship, and leave FedEx to NASCAR, there shall be happiness. The Fall Series is just what it says—a fall into obscurity.
—“If things didn’t work out for me (jn baseball),” says Jeff Francoeur,” you could find me out there on Friday night coaching a high school football team.”
— This is our kind of Falcons team—one that doesn’t settle for field goals.
—Somebody wrote the other day asking which I would prefer at third base—Eddie Mathews or Chipper Jones? Sounds like a good column topic to me.
—“They cut me, then re-tendered me at a lower rate,” Mark DeRosa said of his parting with the Braves. “I’d been hurt, and that didn’t help, but I’d love to have come back,” he added, now a star with the Cubs.
—A shame, that we in the East got to see little of the best team in the majors last season. The Angels are strangers to most of us, playing in their time zone.
—Sorry to say that I came to you years ago a fairly callow young fellow, now I’ll be leaving you an old man.
—Amazing, isn’t it, how Atlanta is content with its coaches this season! Mike Smith with the Falcons, nobody wants Mike Woodson fired for a change, and John Anderson is beginning to grow on Thrashers fans. And thank heaven, Bobby Petrino is at a safe distance in Arkansas.
—Hail to my personal pitching star of the season, Jamie Moyer. Forty-five years old, 16-game winner and World Series starter.

And in conclusion to one and all, selah.


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