Posted by: furmanbisher | August 30, 2008

dog days

Woof! Woof! The first message from Georgia’s newly engaged football mascot, whose name, cleverly enough, is UGA VII. That refers to the seventh in the line of royally blooded English bulldogs, whose lineage has served University of Georgia football teams for years, descending from a line bred by a Savannah lawyer, Sonny Seiler. Obviously, Sonny is a more than a mere lawyer, but a bulldog/Bulldog fanatic. He breeds and anoints his especially chosen line of English bulldogs, and has for years.

UGA VI passed away during the off season and since his demise you may never have seen such an elaborate coverage of dog mourning, followed by the nervous wait for Lawyer Seiler to select the successor, and to see him anointed. It seems the only difference between that and the election of a Pope is that no white smoke arises from a chimney in Athens.

That’s great. Love your pet, bulldog or canary, though this line of bulldogs must be the ugliest of animals you ever saw allowed indoors. Nevertheless, this recent Saturday morning the Journal-Constitution carried it to an extreme. You see, UGA VII was to be officially crowned (coronated, enthroned, whatever) that afternoon when the two-legged Bulldogs opened the season against Georgia Southern, whose mascot is an eagle. UGA VII was in portrait on the first sports page, but that was only the introduction.

Inside, a half page was devoted to the resting place of UGA VI, a biography of UGA VII, who is just three years old, and of his predecessors, and a sort of a who’s who in the elite of all-time famous bulldogs, of whom I had never heard. Most college presidents don’t get such journalistic adoration, mainly because most college presidents aren’t as well liked as a bulldog—especially in the case of this Georgia president.

You might think UGA VII’s registered name would have done honor to Michael Adams. Not so. Guess who this canine is named for? ‘Ol Loran. Loran Smith, as in “Whatcha got, Loran?” Sonny Seiler in so doing honors his good friend, and this one should be the last in a long line, “Loran’s Best.” How can you improve on the best?



  1. I just found out about your blog today and have spent my morning break reading each entry. I have always enjoyed reading anything you have written so I am happy that I was told of your blog. Many people in North Georgia are still upset that we don’t get the AJC delivered here any longer. If I was missing Celestine Sibley andLewis Grizzard each day, I would really be upset. I miss them both so much.
    Again, thank you for the opportunity to enjoy your blog.

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